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About Us

Youth Services at Collingwood Neighbourhood House provides various programs for youth aged 10-18 in the Collingwood area of Vancouver. Youth Services have been serving youth in Collingwood for over two decades, having served 453 youth from 2019 to 2020. 

Our team is made up of eleven youth workers who host programs that engage youth from all walks of life. We do these through several programs, all of which you can find more detailed information on our Programs Page.

For information about Collingwood Neighbourhood House and other programs for seniors, families, and other community members, you can visit


Programs offeRed

From 2019-2020, our staff organized and oversaw thirteen programs that were hosted by Youth Services at the Collingwood Neighbourhood House. 



We worked with and provided services to 453 youth in the Collingwood neighbourhood area from 2019-20, before and during COVID-19.  


Individual Visits 

From 2019-20, youth made 12,388 unique visits to Youth Services. That means 12,388 individual times when youth accessed various Youth Services programs. 

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