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All Genders

Taking a spin on the idea of a “Girl’s Group” and/or “Boys Group”, All Genders was set up March 2022 in Youth Services with the support of RISE Community Health Centre as a weekly youth group for gender diverse youth and their allies to come discuss various topics in a safer space.


The plan was that each Friday participants would meet for an hour and a half to do activities and have discussions regarding a broad topic, then taking a look at it with a gendered lens (ie: Gender in Sports). These discussions would eventually lead up to a doing a social justice group project for the Peer 2 Peer showcase, wrapping the whole program up by mid-May 2022.

HOWEVER, the program participants ignored our “final session” and kept meeting every Friday up until the summer, which was when we launched a longer version of All Genders called TL;DR (Tuesday Livingroom; Drop In, Relax) where activities and discussions continue with a lot of games, bubble tea and laughs!

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Participants are consistently engaged with the material we have as they don’t always feel safe or comfortable talking about some topics with friends or family. Thanks to this group, they feel safe to speak to other youth in similar situations and at the same time teach their straight/cisgender peers through their personal experiences. Above all, they've made lasting connections and friendships they otherwise may have never had.

There have also been exciting and inspiring workshops throughout the past year. Most notable are the Zine Workshop with writer/author EA Douglas and a Drag Workshop by a local queen, Isabellisima! We also make an effort to watch queer content together (ie: Hearstopper, We're Here, RuPaul's Drag Race).


For more information, contact:

MAJA kovac


Youth Programs Manager




All Genders Youth Worker

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